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‘Don’t be Gross’

23 Apr

Mrs.Lynch`s class is participating in the Rutger`s ‘Don’t be Gross’ project! They have  made graphs and kept an evaluation paper. See their job was to find out how much paper towels and soap are being used in the bathrooms. They have gotten lots of work done in a short amount of time. We interviewed with Mrs Lynch and the results of are conversation were that “Only, one half  of the soap has been used in the bathroom each week for the past five weeks.” Paper towels are not making it into the garbage cans very well.  Let’s go LOP start using soap and get the towels into the cans.

By, Donte and Alex


Peace, Love

23 Apr

Peace is Love

Peace looks like a perfect world

Peace smells like hope

Peace tastes like the perfect recipe 

Peace sounds like happy birds singing

Peace makes me feel like I am the best

Peace is everything

Written By: Taylor Fenton GR 4

Aside 16 Apr


      We interviewed the band teacher Mrs.Cheung about the winter concert! Mrs. Cheung is a really nice and talented teacher! In the concert there was lots of different instruments playing great songs in the concert! The instruments playing were the flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and of course the percussion [back ground noise]!

Mrs.Chung said all students were well prepared! She also was telling us we sounded great that! She said, “You could really hear the improvement!” Mrs.Cheung told us that she could tell all the students had a good time and the whole stage was filled with great kids!  

                                          By: Daniella Nicola and Kayla Ailey