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7 May

Do you love science?  If you do… you probably don’t love it as much as I do! I am all about science and I love making projects.  Another thing is that I love it so much. This essay is going to be on why we should have more time for… SCIENCE. The three reasons why we should have more time are that we would have more time for tests,  we could do more projects and read more pages! Also if people  come back late from a different class we will still be able to tell what they missed. I hope you read on to find out more about my three reasons.

   The first reason is we would have more time for tests. We could study, do longer answers and check over it longer too. We would probably all get 100%. I hope you agree with me.

The second reason is that we would be able to do more projects. Some projects we could do are experiments, maps, and graphs. Also we could have more time to plan the experiments , maps, and graphs. Also we can have more time to plan the experiments and plan projects out.  I wish we could do all these things!  Don’t you?

The third reason is that we could read more pages.  Also we could talk about the text longer, have time to write notes, and read slower.  I would really understand the text more.  You probably would too.


In conclusion, I think we should have more time for science because that way we can finish tests, do more projects, read more pages and when people come in late we will still be able to do every thing we wanted to do.

Aubrey in Mrs. Glowacki’s class



Paper Newspaper versus a Computer blog!

7 May

At our last meeting all of the newspaper reporters voted on whether they liked an old fashion newspaper like the one we did in the beginning of the year or if they preferred a computer blog.  The students reported that they enjoyed making the old fashion type newspaper over a blog! 

Donte Pope and Alex Siegel


Sharpen The Saw

7 May

Sharpen the Saw doesn’t mean what it sounds like. It really means to balance out your work. For example, if you only exercise, just exercise, and always just exercise. then you’re not sharpening your saw. You need to balance your MIND, HEART, SOUL, and BODY. Sharpening your mind means studying and reading. Sharpening your heart and soul means you’re kind to others. Sharpening your body means to take care of your body. To do this you need to have daily exercise and safe activities. In conclusion, all of us need to balance our lives. To do so, you need to SHARPEN THE SAW!!!!!!!!!!

by: James Harper and Vito Colabella