Welcome to the new Land O’ Pines School Newspaper! Our staff has been working extremely hard to bring you the latest news from our school community and beyond! Be sure to check out the links to the right of the page for each newspaper category.

In LOP Academics, learn about all of the projects and academic activities going on within the school.

In LOP Creativity, check out student poetry, stories, and artwork. You can also learn some tips for writing and hear about some of the things going on in art class.

LOP Leadership is a site dedicated to the 7 Habits of Happy Kids. Read about the seven habits, and learn about some leaders in the world. You can also read about leaders right here at Land O’ Pines!

In the LOP Music section, you can learn about musical accomplishments of our wonderful students. You can also find out about the latest events in music class, chorus, and band.

LOP News will tell you all about the events and activities happening right here in our school!

In LOP Sports, you can read about the sporting events happening with students in our school, in Phys Ed, in the community, and even major league sports! Our sports editors will keep you up to date with all things athletic.

Outside LOP: Community News will keep you updated on the events happening in our community. Events from other schools, holiday events, and anything of general interest to the residents of Howell will be mentioned here.


Welcome to the LOP Newspaper! Happy browsing! 🙂